Inger Larsen Showcase

Inger Larsen Showcase

Showcase exhibition at The Yorkshire Craft Centre 6th October until 24th October 2008.

The Yorkshire Craft Centre is delighted to feature the work of award winning Danish designer Inger Margrethe Larsen.

The showcase marks a welcome return for Inger, who attended Bradford College in 1998, where she joined a one year course combining fashion and jewellery. Prior to that, she had studied clothing and jewellery techniques in her native Denmark, but decided later to go abroad to develop her creative skills. After a successful year at Bradford College she was encouraged by her teachers to apply for an MA at the Royal College of Art, and she graduated with a Master's Degree in 2002.

Inger designs jewellery, clothing and accessories for men and women, and her challenging and experimental designs have been exhibited both in Europe and the United States. She utilizes an extensive range of materials and works in metal, plastics, textile and leather, depending on the task at hand. Her means of expression is fundamentally defined by her ideas. She always aims to bring an element of humour into her work, making it unique and distinctive.

In 2003 Inger received a medal from the Danish Queen Margrethe in recognition of her fine artisanship. She was very pleased with this recognition and recollected with a smile the series of brooches she had designed the previous year - an amusing collection of medals for the little heroes and heroines of everyday, awarded according to the philosophy that everyone ought to have a medal - regardless of age, sex or merit.

Inger is currently living in Denmark where she works and continues to develop her creative skills. She is travelling to Bradford to set up the exhibition which will be on display in the YCC foyer and cafe bar from 6th until 24th October 2008.

The showcase exhibition at the YCC is supported by Danish Crafts

Photos by Meisterbrau

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