Artist residency in India 2013

About my work made in India during my artist residency in Jaipur

at Studio Sukriti from 1 April – 30 June 2013

My color palette for my jewellery pieces

The experimentation with different methods of sculpture making gave me a new insight to explore the possibilities of expressions. New directions opened up to explore!

Graduated as a designer with a background in jewellery and fashion, my intention here was to cross the boundaries between jewellery and sculpture and to integrate them. The collections of different neckpieces which I created are wearable sculptures; further extend them to wall hangings.

Amber Fort in Jaipur was one of my source inspirations where the buildings and its surroundings, the colors, the wall decorations and the mosaic patterns were captivating. In addition, an elderly woman sitting with her broom on a step along the wall of the Fort became the color palette for my jewellery pieces.

I have done a brief research to know the different Indian crafts and design and explore the possibility of incorporating Indian and Danish jewellery culture. An effort was made to interpret different elements of Indian traditions in my own way.

My ‘wearable sculptures’ consist of different materials such as terracotta, brass, copper, gemstones and enameling on copper + silver.

Tassels which are been used extensively in India to adorn are integral part of the jewellery. It was fun to incorporate that too as an extension of strings of the neck pieces which I never used in the past.

Furthermore I tried my hands in clay and bronze too,  which resulted in different sculptures. 

Coming from abroad, experiencing a new country and its culture in a very short period, I felt like a child curious and willing to learn and explore. 

With my new collection of Jewellery/sculptures I invite you to my world of embellishment!

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Wearable sculptures

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Designer Inger Margrethe Larsen